Chair's Invitation

Tim Nalette

On behalf of the ICES steering committee, I invite you to join the ICES community in the historic city of Boston for the 49th International Conference on Environmental Systems! We are proud to host the premier international conference for professionals involved in topics related to humans living and working in extreme environments with applications inside or outside of terrestrial or outer space habitats or vehicles, human factors, environmental control and life-support systems, EVA system technology and thermal control systems. Explore the 2019 conference page for preliminary information regarding the exciting program we offer, with approximately 300 expected presentations in 40 different technical sessions! There will also be plenty of time for networking with the welcome reception on Sunday, the student poster reception, and coffee breaks throughout the week. The Awards Banquet will be held on Wednesday evening followed by the world-famous dessert reception. This year we will break with tradition and hold the banquet at a different location than the conference venue. The Longwood State Room is located just a few blocks from the conference and will host the banquet on the 33rd floor as you enjoy panoramic views of beautiful downtown Boston.


We are especially pleased to announce our distinguished speakers: Robyn Gatens and Daniel Burbank. Ms. Gatens is the Deputy Director of the International Space Station Division in the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters.  In addition, she is the agency’s Systems Capability Lead for Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) leading a team of experts from across the agency to mature the life support and environmental monitoring technologies needed for future deep space exploration missions, using the space station as a demonstration test-bed. Ms. Gatens will be speaking on the progress NASA and its industry partners have made using the International Space Station to develop and test Environmental Control and Life Support Systems for LEO and missions beyond LEO, as well as an overview of NASA’s current Moon and Mars Exploration plans. Dan Burbank is a retired NASA astronaut and U.S. Coast Guard aviator who flew two Space Shuttle missions and spent a half-year living and working aboard the ISS.  Mr. Burbank is currently a Senior Technical Fellow at Collins Aerospace and will be sharing his experiences using technologies developed by many of the professionals who are the very heart of the ICES technical community.


We are excited to bring the ICES community to Boston, Massachusetts, one of the oldest cities in the United States. From the charming cobblestones of  Beacon Hill, to the civic landmarks along the Black Heritage Trail and Freedom Trail, and many historic sites of the American Revolution, to the iconic grounds of  Harvard University and Fenway Park, Boston is a treasure trove of Americana.  This year’s conference will be held at the Omni Parker House, with its doors exiting directly onto the Freedom Trail, in the very heart of this historic city. We hope you will join us for the conference and we know you will find the location has much to offer during your free time.


Along with Vice Chair Stéphane Lapensée, who is organizing this year’s technical program, I also want to recognize our generous event sponsors who help make the conference an enjoyable, technically enriching, experience. Sincere thanks to Collins Aerospace, Paragon Space Development Corporation, and Texas A&M University Aerospace Engineering Department and the TAMU Institute for Engineering Education and Innovation (IEEI) for their support.


On behalf of the ICES Steering Committee, I invite you to join us for the 49th ICES in Boston!