ICES 2021

The 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems

will cover all topics related to humans living and working in extreme environments with applications inside or outside of terrestrial or outer space habitats or vehicles, including aerospace human factors; environmental control and life-support system technology; environmental monitoring and controls; planetary protection; EVA system technology; life sciences; planetary habitats and systems; and thermal control systems technology for both crewed and uncrewed vehicles. The conference is open to participants from around the globe spanning academic, government, and space industry organizations. There will be four days of technical presentations, with approximately 40 sessions.

Submission and Paper Acceptance Process

Authors who wish to contribute a paper to the conference…

  • Must first submit a 300-word maximum abstract electronically to the ICES submission site by 16 NOVEMBER 2020 extended until 23 NOVEMBER 2020
  • Will be asked to choose the Technical Track that best suits the abstract or topic of your proposed paper
  • Do not need to be affiliated with any of the co-sponsoring societies

Proposed papers should…

    • Present technical developments and progress in any of the fields of environmental systems listed in the session descriptions on the Technical Sessions page
    • Make a new and original contribution to the state of the art, or be a constructive review of the technical field

The electronic submission process to  

space conference


is as follows:


1. Access Easy Chair for ICES 2021  –

2. Log in or create an account

3. Click on “Submissions” in top menu

4. Click on “Add a submission” in upper right corner

5. Select a “Track” (Session Topic) relevant to your submission

6. If unsure which Session Topic your submission falls under, please submit to ICES600: Other


Abstract submission (extended) 23 November 2020
Abstract acceptance 14 December 2020

Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to provide a draft manuscript by Monday, 08 March 2021.  Some basic, but important requirements to keep in mind when creating your draft which can be found on the paper template:

  • Paper length = 12 page maximum
  • Manuscript Title matches the Title in Easy Chair meta data
  • Header has the correct Paper ID # (ex: ICES-2020-602) which corresponds to the submission # in Easy Chair
  • Header has the correct conference dates and location
  • Footer is template compliant – including page #s
  • Copyright in the footer has been either assigned or removed if not applicable

An Author’s Kit, containing detailed instructions and additional guidelines for submitting papers to ICES can be found on the Author Materials page.


Draft Papers will be reviewed by 3 independent reviewers that were pre-selected by your session chair(s).  Each of these reviewers were selected to review papers that are in their own area of expertise and have relevant knowledge of your technical content.  All reviews will be conducted within the Easy Chair system and will include detailed feedback, revision requests and a score by each reviewer.   


Authors will receive via email these detailed reviews directly from their session chair upon their completion.  Please find the following schedule outlining key dates in this process:

Draft paper submission 08 March 2021
Completion of reviews 22 March 2021
Feedback to authors 29 March 2021
Update of paper 09 April 2021
Second check and feedback to authors 23 April 2021
Update Metadata in EasyChair 03 May 2021

Based on a peer review of the draft manuscript, the author and session organizer(s) will collaborate toward revision and acceptance of a final version of the paper.  Authors must then submit the accepted Final Manuscript to ICES by Monday, 03 May 2021.

Final Manuscripts must be uploaded to Easy Chair as a PDF  ICES-2020-4.pdf


Final manuscript submission  03 May 2021
Approval of papers 14 May 2021
Notification of approval to authors 17 May 2021


Sponsor and/or employer approval of each paper is the responsibility of the author(s). Government review, if required, is the responsibility of the author(s).

space conference


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