Tuesday, 09 July

16:30-18:30 Rooftop Ballroom

A panel discussion, facilitated by NASA’s Brian Alpert, will offer insight from various leaders in the EVA community on developing enabling technologies for Lunar and Martian surface EVA. Panelists will not only cover objectives associated with developing EVA space suit technologies, but also the vehicle systems and interfaces critical to Exploration EVA. NASA will present a high level status on the agency’s EVA development plans, and members of industry and academia will share their thoughts on how the EVA community can work together to ensure developing the next generation of EVA Systems become a priority in this era of constrained budgets and competing priorities. 

Brian Alpert

Strategic Planning and Architecture Lead for EVA Exploration at NASA’s Johnson Space Center

    Meet the Panel of Experts!

    Lindsay Aitchison

    Advanced Exploration Systems Division Human Exploration & Operations Mission Directorate NASA Headquarters

      Dave Akin

      Director, Space Systems Laboratory; Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering - University of Maryland

        Ted Southern

        President, Final Frontier Design

          Aleksandra Stankovic

          Assistant Professor of Medicine, Space Medicine Innovations Laboratory at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

            Daniel C. Burbank

            Senior Technical Fellow – Mission Systems at Collins Aerospace

              Joe Tanner

              Former NASA Astronaut

                Carl E. Walz

                Director of Business Development at Oceaneering Space Systems