Lunar Nomads vs. Settlers

What’s next…

and what does it take?

Tuesday, 13 July

16:00-18:00 (CEST)


This panel, moderated by Lindsay Aitchison, will discuss and debate the technologies, logistics, habitation, and mission impacts and differences between short-term human missions to the lunar surface and a sustainable lunar community with human and robotic assets.  Perspectives from government, academia and industry will inform the discussion on how to live, thrive, and use in situ resources on the moon.  Panelists will also discuss their vision for a timeline in which a lunar village can be established, and the technologies needed to make it possible.

Organized by:

Kevin Duda (Draper Laboratory), Kan Yang (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), and Jennifer Miller (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Lindsay Aitchison

Advanced Exploration Systems Division Human Exploration & Operations Mission Directorate NASA Headquarters

    Meet the Panel of Experts!

    Christophe Lasseur

    Life Support R&D Coordinator - European Space Agency

      David Klaus, PhD

      Professor, Aerospace Engineering Sciences - University of Colorado Boulder

        Forrest Meyen, PhD

        Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer - Lunar Outpost, Inc.

          Dmitri Ivanov

          Thermal Architect - ispace Europe

            Dr. Sandra Haeuplik-Meusburger

            Architect, Researcher & Lecturer - TU Wien

              Dave Akin

              Director, Space Systems Laboratory; Professor of Aerospace Engineering - University of Maryland