ICES 2019 Panel Discussion - Boston

Panel Proposals

The ICES Steering Committee wants your help in bringing together innovative, enthusiastic and technical minds for a discussion on what lies ahead for humanity as we continue to explore our universe.

Share your IDEA

Prospective moderators, panelists, and/or contributors can submit their idea for a panel session by providing a title, 300-word abstract of the panel which should include suggestions for potential panel participants.

Submit to Easy Chair

Abstracts for panel sessions should be submitted to the ICES700 - Panel Proposals track in Easy Chair by Monday, 28 November 2022

Proposal Acceptance

Proposed panel sessions will be evaluated solely on the basis of their suitability for inclusion in the conference program. Panel session submitters will be notified of abstract acceptance or rejection on or about 19 December 2022.

Submitters of accepted abstracts will work collaboratively with the ICES 2023 Panel Chair to finalize the panel session organization, format, and list of panelists.

Questions pertaining to the panel session abstract, format, organization or policy should be referred to

Martin Altenburg

ICES 2023 Panel Chair