What Is ICES?

The International Conference on Environmental Systems was started in 1971 with a focus on the dissemination of technical and scientific information on topics related to humans living in space and working in extreme environments.

The focus of the conference includes four days of technical presentations, covered in approximately 40 sessions with discussion on current research, development projects, and testing related to crew systems, life support, and environmental systems. Topics include:

  • aerospace human factors
  • environmental control and life-support system technology
  • environmental monitoring and controls
  • planetary protection; EVA system technology
  • life sciences; planetary habitats and systems
  • thermal control systems technology for both crewed and uncrewed vehicles.

Why Attend?

  • Stay up to date with life support, thermal systems and environmental systems research and development
  • Build relationships and collaborations to find efficiencies and synergies with other professionals from across industry, government and academia
  • Opportunities to connect with colleagues from our unique field between sessions and during a wide variety of networking and social events

Who Should Attend?

The conference is open to participants from any nation, from academic, government, or industry organizations.

  • Engineering managers and executives
  • All levels of engineers, researchers, and scientists
  • Business development personnel
  • Young aerospace professionals
  • Educators and students

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