ICES 2021 Virtual Event

50th International Conference on Environmental Systems

12-14 July 2021

Presentations available ON DEMAND in platform until 26 July

ICES 2021 - Virtual Event

The 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems is going VIRTUAL!


ICES 2021 will cover all topics related to humans living and working in extreme environments with applications inside or outside of terrestrial or outer space habitats or vehicles, including aerospace human factors; environmental control and life-support system technology; environmental monitoring and controls; planetary protection; EVA system technology; life sciences; planetary habitats and systems; and thermal control systems technology for both crewed and uncrewed vehicles. The conference is open to participants from around the globe spanning academic, government, and space industry organizations. There will be three days of technical presentations, a keynote speaker, panel discussion, and student poster presentations. 


Each virtual session and event will be recorded and made available on the virtual platform through the On-Demand Feature.  This On-Demand content will be accessible during the virtual conference and for two weeks following for registered participants.



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10:00-10:10 (CET)
Chair's Welcome

Greetings from ICES 2021 Conference Chair Stephane Lapensee on Opening Day of the 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems!

10:10-11:30 (CET)
ICES107-A: Thermal Design of Microsatellites, Nanosatellites, and Picosatellites

ICES-2021-46: Thermal modelling and performance evaluation of active thermal control techniques for cryogenic instrumentation on micro and nanosatellites

ICES-2021-44: Challenges involved in implementing Pumped Fluid Loop thermal control systems in high power Nano and microsatellites

ICES-2021-361: On-orbit demonstration of Advanced Thermal Control Devices using JAXA Rapid Innovative payload demonstration SatellitE-2 (RAISE-2)

ICES-2021-19: Thermal System Design of Nano Moon Lander OMOTENASHI with Passive Control

ICES-2021-80: PFPU – Microgravity Precursor Food Production Unit nutrient delivery system development status

ICES-2021-105: Development of a harvesting-unit for an automated photobioreactor system

ICES-2021-152: Circular Food Production System Using Algae/Animal Cell Recycling Culture

ICES-2021-203: Lessons from the first simulations at the Moon and Mars Base Analog (MaMBA)

ICES-2021-151: PIUME: In space as on earth, on earth as in space

ICES-2021-78: Senses as Drivers for Space Habitats Design in Microgravity

ICES-2021-23: Habitats for Our Future Extraterrestrial Homes – Lessons from Terrestrial Analogues and Our First Habitats in Space
11:30-11:40 (CET)

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11:40-13:00 (CET)
ICES203-A: Thermal Testing

ICES-2021-4: CHEOPS Spacecraft Thermal Verification and In-orbit Performance

ICES-2021-73: Temperature systems based on Peltier-elements for the use in a Thermal Vacuum Chamber and a Bakeout Facility for space laser components

ICES-2021-388: INTA Thermal testing and Model Correlation for Mechanical Thermal Strap Test – ATHENA Instrument

ICES-2021-408: Psyche Passive Thermal Control Louvers MAIT Lessons Learnt

ICES-2021-41: HAVEN Lunar Port and Base – Design of a Lunar Arrival Port with a Long-Term Habitat for Versatile Crew Occupations

ICES-2021-398: Design of an Autonomously Deployable Mars Habitat

ICES-2021-225: Nüwa, a self-sustainable city state on Mars – Development concept, Urban design and life support

ICES-2021-394: HiveMars: Design of a Hybrid-class, scalable Settlement on the martian surface
13:00-14:20 (CET)

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14:20-14:30 (CET)
Chair's Welcome

A second greeting from ICES 2021 Conference Chair Stephane Lapensee as attendees from North America join the 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems!

14:30-15:50 (CET)
ICES109: Thermal Control of High Altitude Balloon Systems

ICES-2021-177: Thermal analysis of SUNRISE III ascent phase

ICES-2021-422: Experiments of the Prototype for a Stratospheric Balloon-borne Heat Transfer Laboratory

ICES-2021-457: Thermal Design of ASTHROS

Student Poster 463: The Dilaysis-based Passive Biocide Delivery System

ICES-2021-160: Experience of Water Supply Systems Working on the ISS Russian Segment and Development Prospects

ICES-2021-248: An Updated Modeling Study on Nutrient Deprivation as a Biofilm Mitigation Strategy for Long Term Space Missions

ICES-2021-58: ISS Waste Water Pretreatment Via DNA Pattern Picofilter Using Inorganic Brine Simulant

ICES-2021-288: Solar Arrays with Variable Panel Elevations for the Moon Village

ICES-2021-351: Mars Manufacturing Settlement

ICES-2021-96: Project Olympus: Off-World Additive Construction for Lunar Surface Infrastructure

ICES-2021-97: Experimental Investigation of Minimum Required Cabin Sizing in Varying Gravity Levels
15:50-16:00 (CET)

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16:00-17:00 (CET)
Didier Schmitt (ESA) - "Human permanent presence in LEO, on the Moon and objective Mars: compete to collaborate"

JOIN US for this Plenary Session with a Keynote speech from Didier Schmitt – ESA Head of Strategy & Coordination Group for Human Robotic Exploration, to kick off the 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems(ICES 2021)

17:00-17:10 (CET)

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17:10-18:50 (CET)
ICES107-B: Thermal Design of Microsatellites, Nanosatellites, and Picosatellites

ICES-2021-104: Thermal Analysis and Verification of CubeSat Designs with ESATAN-TMS

ICES-2021-425: The worst-case thermal environment parameters of small satellites based on Real-Observation Data

ICES-2021-39: Mini Mechanically Pumped Loop Modelling, Design and Tests for standardized cubesat thermal control

ICES-2021-117: Supported Ionic Liquid Membrane for Selective CO2 Capture

ICES-2021-272: Optimizing Crop Selection Using Genetic Algorithms

ICES-2021-323: A Prototype Early Planetary Organic Processor Assembly (OPA) Based on Dual-Stage Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR) for Fecal and Food Waste Treatment and Resource Recovery

ICES-2021-331: BioNutrients-2: Improvements to the BioNutrients-1 Nutrient Production System

ICES-2021-338: Improving Algae Photobioreactor Energy Efficiency Through Active Irradiance Control for Dynamic Carbon Dioxide Fixation

ICES-2021-169: Bioregenerative Food Production System: Using integrated food production systems to feed the future

ICES-2021-74: Modeling Electrolytic Conversion of Metabolic CO2 and Optimizing a Microfluidic Electrochemical Reactor for Advanced Closed Loop Life Support Systems

ICES-2021-402: Urea Removal and Ammonia Detection Evaluation through Synthetic Urine Continuous Bio-Electrochemical Reactor for Closed Loop Environments

ICES-2021-305: Computational Investigation of DMSD Production from Volatile Methylsiloxanes and Hydroxyl Radicals

ICES-2021-287: The Spacecraft Mass Balance as a Diagnostic Tool for Cabin Air Quality

ICES-2021-1: Numerical Modeling of Node 2 Crew Quarters Exhausts and Intakes Airflow Interaction

ICES-2021-254: Long-Term Survival of Bacteria under Dormancy Conditions: A Preliminary Review

ICES-2021-269: Next Generation Water Recovery for a Sustainable Closed Loop Living

ICES-2021-116: Silver Foam: A Novel Approach for Long-Term Passive Dosing of Biocide in Spacecraft Potable Water Systems – Update 2021

ICES-2021-352: Fate of Silver Biocide on the International Space Station Living Environment

ICES-2021-62: Sodium Chloride Removal from International Space Station Wastewater Brine to Generate Plant Fertilizer

ICES-2021-64: Proposed International Space Station Life Support Hardware Changes for a Lunar/Mars Surface Human Habitat – Common Cabin Air Assembly Case Study

ICES-2021-35: Operation of the Urine Collection and Pretreatment System in the ISS US Segment Waste & Hygiene Compartment (WHC)

ICES-2021-83: Upgrades to the International Space Station Urine Processor Assembly

ICES-2021-138: Lessons Learned in Space Life Support System Testing

Student Poster 462: Origo+

ICES-2021-344: Astronaut-in-the-Loop: An Iterative Design Research Framework for Space Environments

ICES-2021-21: Optimization of a Lunar Airlock

ICES-2021-400: Preliminary Mass Validation of Adapting Payload Fairing Geometries as Pressurized Modules for Various LEO Applications

ICES-2021-318: A Strategic Pathway to the Artificial Gravity Testbed Element in Low Earth Orbit

ICES-2021-384: NASA Environmental Control and Life Support Technology Development for Exploration: 2020 to 2021 Overview

ICES-2021-298: Using Systems Engineering to Develop an Integrated Crew Health and Performance System to Mitigate Risk for Human Exploration Missions

ICES-2021-454: Incorporation of Planetary Protection Knowledge Gaps into Agency Capability Development Planning

ICES-2021-205: Fortuna: A Human and Robotic Exploration Mission to Venus
18:50-20:20 (CET)

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20:20-21:40 (CET)
ICES203-B: Thermal Testing

ICES-2021-28: Europa Environmental Testing of Thermal Hardware for the Mapping Imaging Spectrometer for Europa (MISE) Instrument

ICES-2021-52: Use of Mechanical Heat Switch to Speed up TVAC Transitions on Flight Hardware Below 200K

ICES-2021-286: Effect of Particle Size on Adsorptive Capacity in Granular Activated Carbon Sorbents

ICES-2021-264: Status of the Advanced Oxygen Generation Assembly Design

ICES-2021-313: 4BCO2 EDU Performance

ICES-2021-71: Optimization of the 4-Bed CO2 Scrubber Performance Based on Ground Tests

Student Poster 471: Mapping Life Support Functions and Technologies to Commercial Spaceflight Applications

ICES-2021-371: Analysis of Crew Quarters – ECLSS Interactions for Improved Temperature Control and CO2 Mitigation

ICES-2021-212: An Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) for Deep Space and Commercial Habitats

ICES-2021-434: Scaled Automated Pressure Regulation System for Analog Moon and Mars Habitat

ICES-2021-415: Integrative Fit Assessments for Multi-Component Stack-Up of xEMU

ICES-2021-162: The Effects of Arcing Ejecta on Space Suit Materials from ISS RPCM Hot Mate/Demate During EVA

ICES-2021-241: Design, Manufacturing, and Test of Armor for the Exploration Space Suit

ICES-2021-75 (*Session 401): An Augmented Reality Guidance and Operations System to Support the Artemis Program and Future EVAs

Student Poster 466: Earth’s Botanical Museum in Mars

ICES-2021-130: Food System Water Content: Considerations for ECLSS Water System Closure

ICES-2021-404: Food Production Module Systems for Extraterrestrial Planetary Surfaces

ICES-2021-157: Medical Bay Design Considerations for the Moon and Mars Base Analog (MaMBA)
21:40-21:50 (CET)
AIAA Jeffries Aerospace Medicine and Life Sciences Research Award

JOIN US IN THE LOBBY for this special award presentation by Dan Barta (NASA Johnson Space Center) to the 2021 recipient: Joseph J Kosmo

AIAA Citation: For exceptional technical contributions to human spaceflight, incorporating physiological and human factors principles into advanced spacesuit design leading to substantial increases in mobility, performance and safety.
21:50-23:10 (CET)
ICES106: Thermal Control for Space Launch Vehicles, Propulsion, and Nuclear Power Systems

ICES-2021-61: Space Launch System Payloads Thermal Environments

ICES-2021-25: Prediction Spacecraft Pressures during Launch

ICES-2021-337: Development of InSb Thermo-Radiative Cell for Waste Heat Recovery of Radioisotope Power Systems

ICES-2021-129: Air-Cooled Temperature Swing Compression System Rebuild

ICES-2021-202: Developmental Efforts of an Electrochemical Oxygen Recovery System for Advanced Life Support

ICES-2021-33: Chemical Vapor Deposition Methane Pyrolysis Enables Closed-Loop Oxygen Recovery: Reducing System Consumables

Student Poster 465: Development of a Prototype Spacesuit Boot to Improve Boot Fit

ICES-2021-40: Use of a Robotic Testing Device to Investigate the Effects of Sizing on Space Suit Joints

ICES-2021-340: An Overview of the SmartSuit Architecture

ICES-2021-416: Outer Boot Sole System
23:10-23:20 (CET)

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23:20-00:40 (CET)
ICES103: Thermal and Environmental Control of Exploration Vehicles and Habitats

ICES-2021-59: Shell Heaters & Condensation Control in a Composite Vehicle

ICES-2021-60: Laser Processed Condensing Heat Exchanger (LP-CHX) Test Article Design, Manufacturing, and Testing

ICES-2021-115: Weldless Cabin Heat Exchanger Design Study for Use on Dream Chaser® Spaceplane Cargo System

ICES-2021-53: Delta Method Application for the Correlation of IR Detector Thermal Parasitic Loads with Statistically Accurate Results

ICES-2021-356: Europa Clipper Magnetometer Thermal Design Evolution, Validation, and Verification

ICES-2021-188: Thermal Design of SPICA cryogenic cooling system

ICES-2021-274: Analysis Framework for the Evaluation of Media Beds in the Orion Smoke Eater Filter

ICES-2021-283: Analysis of the Habitable Airlock’s ECLSS in FloCAD

ICES-2021-12: Bio-Regenerative Life Support Systems Functional Stability and Limitations, a Theoretical Modeling Approach

ICES-2021-175: Automatic Determination of Repair Order of Various Device Failures for Material Circulation Control in ALSS by Hierarchical Approach

ICES-2021-168: Reactor Design for the Sabatier Reaction with a High-Temperature Tolerant Catalyst

ICES-2021-181: Development Status of Oxygen Generation System and Sabatier System for future exploration missions

ICES-2021-37: Development status in 2021 of JAXA CO2 removal system for closed ECLSS

ICES-2021-127: Demonstration of Advanced Mars ISRU CO2 Recovery System

ICES-2021-273: In-Situ Resource Utilization for Electrochemical Generation of Hydrogen Peroxide for Disinfection

ICES-2021-172: Laser Alumina Reduction with Heterogeneous Nucleation Toward Aluminum Smelting from Lunar Regolith

Student Poster 468: Computer Modelling for Mechanical Counter Pressure Space Suit Development

ICES-2021-307: New Methods of Manufacturing Spacesuits for Deep Space Exploration

ICES-2021-278: Shear Thickening Fluid Treated Space Suit Layups: Terrestrial and MISSE-9 Low-Earth Orbit Studies

ICES-2021-365: Developing a Daily Metabolic Rate Profile for Human Exploration Missions

ICES-2021-137: Using the System Complexity Metric (SCM) to Compare CO2 Removal Systems

ICES-2021-193: Logistics Modeling and Simulation for Lunar and Mars Mission Architecture Analysis

ICES-2021-47: Assessment of Biocide Impacts on Life Support and Extravehicular Activity Architectures

ICES-2021-20: International Space Station as a Testbed for Exploration Environmental Control and Life Support Systems – 2021 Status

ICES-2021-215: Self-Assembling and Self-Regulating Space Stations: Mission Concepts for Modular, Autonomous Habitats

ICES-2021-186: A Guideline for a Sustainable Lunar Base Design for Constructed in Lunar Lava Tubes and Their Vertical Skylights
10:00-10:10 (CET)

Day 2 of ICES 2021 Begins!

10:10-11:30 (CET)
ICES104-A: Advances in Thermal Control Technology

ICES-2021-247: Heat-transfer Characteristics of a Spacer-type, Fin-integrated PCM Device by Additive Manufacturing

ICES-2021-110: Modeling, Prediction and Test of Additive Manufactured Integral Structures with Embedded Lattice and Phase Change Material Applying Infused Thermal Solutions (ITS)

ICES-2021-63: Development of Variable Emissivity Coating for Thermal Radiator

ICES-2021-31: Enhanced Coolant for Low Temperature

ICES-2021-106: Modeling and Analyses of a Thermal Passively Stabilized LEO/GEO Star Tracker With Embedded Phase Change Material Applying the Infused Thermal Solutions (ITS) Method

ICES-2021-18: Blackbody Calibration Targets for the Microwave Sounder Instruments: Control Methods and Modelling Techniques

ICES-2021-389: INTA MXGS Instrument Thermal Control for the ASIM Payload

ICES-2021-459 (*Session 206): The ASIM Mission – A Contamination Control and Thermal Approach
11:30-14:30 (CET)

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14:30-15:50 (CET)
ICES201-A: Two-Phase Thermal Control Technology

ICES-2021-55: Integrated Thermal Architecture based on Advanced Control Loop (ACL) with multiple evaporators and condensers

ICES-2021-159: Equivalent Mass Benefits from Employing Vapor Compression Refrigeration on Spacecraft

ICES-2021-407: Research and development of heat pipe with ampule filling

ICES-2021-301: Status of Development of a Thermal Probe for Icy Planet Exploration – I

ICES-2021-258: Reversible Electrochemical Mirror for Thermal Management Systems

ICES-2021-414: Instrument Thermal Management for Lunar Night Survival without Radioisotopes

ICES-2021-36: Development of a Planetary Water Treatment System

ICES-2021-383: Dialysis-based Passive Biocide Delivery System: An Exploratory Analysis on the Development of a Silver Dosing Alternative for Spacecraft Potable Water Systems

ICES-2021-122: Developing a Multi-bioreactor Test Stand for the Evaluation of Biofilm Mitigation Technologies

ICES-2021-76: Biofilm Management in a Microgravity Water Recovery System

ICES-2021-10: Moon Energy Storage and Generation: Proof of Concept

ICES-2021-103: Payload Concept Evaluation for Water/Oxygen production on the Moon based on Thermo- or Electro-Chemical Reduction of Lunar Regolith

ICES-2021-107: Energy reduction by using direct sunlight for a microalgae photobioreactor for a Mars habitat
15:50-16:00 (CET)

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16:00-18:00 (CET)
Lunar Nomads vs. Settlers: What’s next… and what does it take?

This panel discussion, moderated by Lindsay Aitchison, will discuss and debate the technologies, logistics, habitation, and mission impacts and differences between short-term human missions to the lunar surface and a sustainable lunar community with human and robotic assets. Perspectives from government, academia and industry will inform the discussion on how to live, thrive, and use in situ resources on the moon. Panelists will also discuss their vision for a timeline in which a lunar village can be established, and the technologies needed to make it possible.

18:00-18:10 (CET)

Exit to the Lobby for a 10 minute before technical sessions begin again

18:10-19:30 (CET)
ICES101: Spacecraft and Instrument Thermal Systems

ICES-2021-3: JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer) Spacecraft Thermal Control

ICES-2021-166: Thermal Performance Comparison and Lessons Learned for the Thermal Infrared Sensor Instruments 1 & 2

ICES-2021-217: Lessons Learned from the Solar Correlation and Early Flight Thermal Performance of the Solar Orbiter SPICE Instrument

ICES-2021-32: Mechanically Pumped Two-Phase Flow Loop Evaporator Development and Performance Evaluations

ICES-2021-125: Development of a Large-Area Evaporator for Spaceborne Two-Phase Pumped Loops

ICES-2021-126: Performance and Reliability of a Miniature Ammonia Pump for Spaceborne Two-Phase Pumped Loops

ICES-2021-230: Thermo-mechanical Analysis and Design of an Additive Manufactured Evaporator for a Two-Phase Mechanically Pumped Loop

ICES-2021-81: ANITA2 Trace Gas Analyser for the ISS – Flight Model Finalisation, Ground Test Results, and ANITA-X for future exploration missions

ICES-2021-42: Spacecraft Atmosphere Monitor Technology Demonstration Unit 1 Initial Performance On Board the International Space Station

ICES-2021-395: Portable Tunable Laser Spectrometer (PTLS) for Human Exploration: Status of Flight Quality Lasers, Underlying Wireless Mesh Network, and Sensor Testing

ICES-2021-265: Demonstration of a Full Scale Integrated Membrane Aerated Bioreactor- Ionomer-Membrane Water Purification System for Recycling Early Planetary Base Wastewater.

ICES-2021-367: Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Removal in a Single-Stage Nitrification-Denitrification/Anammox (NDX) System Treating Early Planetary Base (EPB) Wastewater

ICES-2021-442: Humidity Condensate Stabilization Using an Engineered Biologically Active Storage Tank

ICES-2021-372: Feasibility of UV LEDs in a Spacecraft Wastewater Application: Exploring Biofilm Control in the WPA Wastewater Tank

ICES-2021-147: Should Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Water on the Moon Be Provided by Earth Supply, Life Support Recycling, or Regolith Mining?

ICES-2021-292: Experimental Proof of Concept of a Cold Trap as a Purification Step for Lunar Water Processing

ICES-2021-92: Performance Evaluation of Regenerative Solid Oxide Stack

ICES-2021-295: Demonstration of Paragon’s Ionomer-membrane Water Processing (IWP) technology as a Purification Step for Lunar Water Processing

ICES-2021-456: Exploration Portable Life Support System Hatch Component Implementation and Testing

ICES-2021-213: Development of an Oxygen Heat Exchanger and Flow Meter for the Exploration Portable Life Support System

ICES-2021-84: Pulse-Modulated Oxygen Pressure Control for Extravehicular Activity Space Suits

ICES-2021-360: Development History of the High-Performance Infrared Laser Sensor into NASA Architectures via the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program

** This session is scheduled to go 20 minutes longer with 5 presentations.

ICES-2021-185: Microalgae-based Hybrid Life Support System from Simulations to Flight Experiment

ICES-2021-229: Sustained Veggie: A Continuous Food Production Comparison

ICES-2021-268: Production, Nutritional and Organoleptic Analysis of Solanaceous Crops for Space

ICES-2021-289: Design of a Plant Health Monitoring System for Enhancing Food Safety of Space Crop Production Systems

ICES-2021-142: The Partial Gravity of the Moon and Mars Appears Insufficient to Maintain Human Health
19:30-21:00 (CET)

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21:00-22:20 (CET)
ICES104-B: Advances in Thermal Control Technology

ICES-2021-242: Hot Reservoir Variable Conductance Heat Pipe with Advanced Fluid Management

ICES-2021-240: Development of a High-Power Deployable-Tube Radiator System

Student Poster 469: Preliminary Tests with Microgravity Vortex Phase Separator for Liquid Amine CO2 Removal System

ICES-2021-132: Development of the Liquid Amines Ground-Based Test System

ICES-2021-209: Carbon Dioxide Removal by Ionic Liquid System (CDRILS): Continuous Operation and Full-Scale Brassboard Testing

ICES-2021-262: Integrated System Modelling for Spacecraft Atmospheric Revitalization Using a Supported Ionic Liquid Membrane

ICES-2021-428: Closing the Water Loop for Exploration: 2020-2021 Status of the Brine Processor Assembly

ICES-2021-223: Wastewater Brine Purification and Recovery through Electrodialysis Ion Exchange

ICES-2021-226: Continued Development of the Electro Oxidation and Membrane Evaporator for Urine Processing and Water Recovery

ICES-2021-293: Spectral Mass Gauging of Liquids with Acoustic Waves

ICES-2021-11: Evaluation of Compact, Regenerable Trace Contaminant Control for Removal of Ammonia and Other Trace Constituents

ICES-2021-358: Pressure-Swing Adsorption of Trace Contaminants Using Carbon Sorbent Monoliths
22:20-22:30 (CET)

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22:30-00:10 (CET)
ICES104-C: Advances in Thermal Control Technology

ICES-2021-243: Thermal Analysis of a Novel Lightweight Layered and Tapered Radiator Panel with Pumped-Fluid-Loop System

ICES-2021-49: Development of a Passive Thermal Control Valve for 3D-Printed Loop Heat Pipes

ICES-2021-412: Extended Stroke and Miniaturized Reverse-Operation DTE Thermal Switches

ICES-2021-409: Planetary and Lunar Environment Thermal Toolbox Elements (PALETTE) Project Year One Results

Student Poster 470: Development of a Prototype Thermal Radiator for CO2 Deposition in Deep Space Transit

ICES-2021-232: Numerical Characterization of Spacecraft Cabin Air Dehumidification System for CO2 Removal

ICES-2021-93: Modeling Performance of the Full Scale CO2 Deposition System

Student Poster 464: Evaluation and characterization of PAN/PSF biomimetic membrane active layer for water reclamation purposes

ICES-2021-458: Biomimetic Membrane Performance in Pressure Retarded Osmosis for Water Reclamation Applications

ICES-2021-316: A Review of the State-of-the-art in Reverse Osmosis Antifouling Approaches

ICES-2021-29: Identification of the Chlorine- and Bromine-Based Biocides – Task 1 of the NESC Assessment of Biocide Impacts on Life Support (LS) and Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Architectures

ICES-2021-30: Mitigation of Silver Ion Loss from Solution by Polymer Coating of Metal Surfaces, Part III

ICES-2021-370: More Data Needed for Failure Rate Estimation, Validation, and Uncertainty Reduction

ICES-2021-341: Process Capability Analysis of Surface Mounted Components Requiring 100% X-Ray Inspection in Accordance with IPC-J-STD-001 GS Space Addendum

ICES-2021-199: Analysis and Optimization of Test Plans for Advanced Exploration Systems Reliability and Supportability

ICES-2021-140: Going Beyond Reliability to Robustness and Resilience in Space Life Support Systems
10:00-10:10 (CET)

Day 3 of ICES 2021 begins!

10:10-11:30 (CET)
ICES201-C: Two-Phase Thermal Control Technology

ICES-2021-174: Parametric Study for Vapor-Liquid Separation in Evaporator of Two-Phase Mechanical pump Fluid Loop System for Lunar and Planetary Exploration

ICES-2021-167: Numerical Simulation of Heat Transport Characteristics of CFRP embedded Oscillating Heat Pipes for Space Applications

ICES-2021-156: LHP thermal control for low temperature (less than 160K)

ICES-2021-111: Development of cryogenic loop heat pipe for deep space mission

ICES-2021-432: Thermo-elastic analysis in the frequency domain using the LISA instrument as a case study

ICES-2021-178: Development of an advanced thermal mathematical model construction method for spacecraft using artificial neural networks

ICES-2021-197: Linear Control Analysis & Review for Systema (LCARS) – Utilization of Complex Thermal Transfer Functions

ICES-2021-387: Study on Numerical Evaluation Method for Cooling Capability of Thermo-Electric Cooler and Effectiveness Assessment of CAE Simulation by using Simplified Thermal Boundary Conditions
11:30-11:40 (CET)

Exit your session to the Lobby for a 10 minute break between sessions

11:40-13:00 (CET)
ICES201-D: Two-Phase Thermal Control Technology

ICES-2021-56: Mechanically Pumped Advanced Control Loop: a Solution for High Power Platforms

ICES-2021-2: Preliminary design of a mechanically pumped cooling system for active antennae

ICES-2021-38: Accumulator testing in multiple on-ground orientations for a small Mechanically Pumped Two-phase Loop (MPTL) for CCD thermal control
13:00-14:40 (CET)

This extended break will allow attendees to check in with work or grab a meal!

14:40-16:00 (CET)
ICES207-B: Thermal and Environmental Control Engineering Analysis and Software

ICES-2021-419: Correlation of a thermal model using infra-red camera data for thermo-elastic predictions

ICES-2021-79: Geometric Model Reduction Driven by Numerical Simulation Accuracy

ICES-2021-5: The Portuguese GeoTech-Vision for STEAM Outreach and Education: Space for All Nations

ICES-2021-198: Educational and Scientific Analog Missions in Poland

ICES-2021-249: A Lunar Spacewalk Simulation to Support the Artemis Outreach Program and Promote Remote Public Engagement
16:00-16:20 (CET)
ICES Awards Presentation

JOIN US IN THE LOBBY for this 20 minute break where we will present the International Conference on Environmental Systems(ICES) Awards for Technical Excellence.

16:20-17:40 (CET)
ICES201-E: Two-Phase Thermal Control Technology

ICES-2021-154: Progress on 3D Printed Loop Heat Pipes

ICES-2021-260: A Variable-View-Factor Two-Phase Radiator Manufactured Via Ultrasonic Welding

ICES-2021-354: Development of a Cold Plate for Spatial and Temporal Temperature Uniformity

ICES-2021-253: Run Time Improvement Efforts for the Roman Space Telescope Thermal Analysis

ICES-2021-424: Advanced Thermal Model Correlation Using Reduced-Order Models

ICES-2021-17: Application of Statistical Methods to Uncertainty Quantification of Spacecraft Propellant Gauging

ICES-2021-312: Managing Space Food Waste with Fermentation: Novel System Design Update

ICES-2021-282: A Comparison of Potential Trash-to-Gas Waste Processing Systems for Long-Term Crewed Spaceflight

ICES-2021-319: Low-Pressure Plasma Assisted Waste Conversion

ICES-2021-346: Gas Evolution from Torrefaction Processing of Human Solid Wastes

ICES-2021-378: U.S. Spacesuit Knowledge Capture – Chronicling Spacesuit Design for the Future

ICES-2021-392: NASA Centennial Challenges Deep Space Food Challenge Competition to Incentive Innovation in Food Systems for Long-Duration Space Exploration Missions

ICES-2021-355: Mars University: Education to Lead the Settlement and Exploration of Mars

ICES-2021-275: SIMOC – A hi-fidelity simulation of off-world, human habitation and bioregenerative life support as a platform for citizen scientists and virtual classrooms

ICES-2021-86: Planning Road to ISS Extravehicular Activities

ICES-2021-113: Gait Patterns in an Ambulatory Virtual Reality Exploration Extravehicular Activity Simulation

ICES-2021-228: Stress and Coping During Simulated EVAs and Habitat Living

ICES-2021-266: Fire Safety Implications of Preliminary Results from Saffire IV and V Experiments on Large Scale Spacecraft Fires

ICES-2021-218: Opposed flame spreading along a structured PMMA sample in exploration atmosphere under microgravity

ICES-2021-244: Evaluation of Combustion Products from Large-Scale Spacecraft Fires during the Saffire-IV and Saffire-V Experiments

ICES-2021-271: Modeling the Uptake of Hydrogen Chloride onto Interior Spacecraft Materials

ICES-2021-304: Aerosol Physics for the Lunar Environment: Equations for Lunar Dust Control and Mitigation Technologies

ICES-2021-433: A Ground Testing Program to Verify Lunar Dust-Tolerant Hardware for the Artemis Mission

ICES-2021-90: HEPA Filter Testing for Life Support Systems on Artemis Lunar Missions

ICES-2021-149: Modeling the Dust Particle Impact Rate on the MOXIE Filter

ICES-2021-89: Development of an Advanced Clothing Model that Considers Heat and Moisture Transport

ICES-2021-237: Modeling Crew Performance Degradation Due To Radiation Exposure In Space

ICES-2021-325: Investigation of Spaceflight Associated Neuro-Ocular Syndrome Asymmetry through Asymmetric Cranial Venous Modeling

ICES-2021-396: Simulated cardiovascular responses in microgravity and head-down tilt
17:40-18:00 (CET)
ICES 2022 Location Presentation

JOIN US IN THE LOBBY for the announcement of the location for the 51st International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES 2022) by Tom Leimkuehler, ICES 2022 Conference Chair

18:00-19:40 (CET)
ICES102: Thermal Control for Planetary and Small Body Surface Missions

ICES-2021-134: ExoMars Rover Module: Verification of the Loop Heat Pipes thermal performance in system level testing

ICES-2021-235: Thermal Management System for Lunar Ice Miners

ICES-2021-180: Thermal design challenges for lunar ISRU payloads

ICES-2021-401: Lunar dust tolerant thermal louver development for a light-weight rover system

ICES-2021-163: Thermal Systems Modeling of Chemical Integrated Power Source (CHIPS) to Survive Lunar Night Environments

ICES-2021-418: A Fecal Processing Technology Trade Study for Water Recovery in Various Mission Duration Scenarios

ICES-2021-403: NASA Universal Waste Management System and Toilet Integration Hardware Delivery and Planned Operations on ISS

ICES-2021-128: Toilet Odor Filtration Bed Design for Extended Flight Operations

ICES-2021-449: Direct Contact Ultrasonic Drying Rate and Efficiency Investigation for Spacecraft Solid Waste Management

ICES-2021-460: Water Recovery from Human Metabolic Waste: System Design, Analysis, and Preliminary Results

ICES-2021-101: Design and Development of an EVA Assistance Roving Vehicle for Artemis and Beyond

ICES-2021-224: Physical and Cognitive Exploration Simulations: Development of Exploration Tasks and Analog Environment Testing Capabilities

ICES-2021-276: Helmet-Mounted Display Technology for EVA Training in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab

ICES-2021-290: Battery Fire Risk Assessment

ICES-2021-102: Determining the Cause of Reduced Concurrent Flame Spread over Thin Solid Fuels in Low Pressure and Low Gravity

ICES-2021-15: The effect of reduced pressure on the characteristics of spreading flames

ICES-2021-309: Particle Loading Tests on HEPA Flat Sheet Media at Sub-Ambient Pressures Using a Lunar Dust Simulant

ICES-2021-314: Inertial Centrifugal-Based Pre-filter for Spacecraft Life Support Systems on Lunar Missions
19:40-19:50 (CET)
ICES 2021 Student Poster Awards

JOIN US IN THE LOBBY for this 10 minute break where Shawn Macleod (ICES 2021 Poster Chair) will announce the top three poster winners from the ICES 2021 Student Poster Competition

19:50-21:10 (CET)
ICES304-C: Physio-Chemical Life Support- Waste Management Systems- Technology and Process Development

ICES-2021-91: The Trash Compactor and Processing System Development

ICES-2021-311: Updated Effluent Analysis of the Heat Melt Compactor: Water Quality and Dewpoint Simulation of Gas Effluent

ICES-2021-366: A Review of Existing Policies Affecting the Jettison of Waste in Low Earth Orbit and Deep Space

ICES-2021-257: A Virtual Reality Mission Simulation System (vMSS) Supporting Closed-Loop Mission Control

ICES-2021-227: Lunar instrument data integration into the Virtual Reality Mission Simulation System for Decision Communication and Situational Awareness

ICES-2021-405: Characterizing a Biometric Sensor Suite as an Approach for Astronaut Performance Model Validation

ICES-2021-121: Development of an Active Shielding Concept Using Electrostatic Fields

ICES-2021-320: Radiocatalyst for Microbial Control and Radiation Protection
Panel Discussion: 13 July 2021 - 16:00 (CEST)

Lunar Nomads vs. Settlers

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