ICES 2022 – Saint Paul, MN

51st International Conference on Environmental Systems

10-14 July 2022

ICES 2021 - Virtual Event

The 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems is going VIRTUAL!


ICES 2021 as a Virtual Event covered all topics related to humans living and working in extreme environments with applications inside or outside of terrestrial or outer space habitats or vehicles, including aerospace human factors; environmental control and life-support system technology; environmental monitoring and controls; planetary protection; EVA system technology; life sciences; planetary habitats and systems; and thermal control systems technology for both crewed and uncrewed vehicles. The conference is open to participants from around the globe spanning academic, government, and space industry organizations.
The full manuscripts for the 252 presentations that were presented during ICES 2021 can be accessed on the Conference Proceedings page.


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